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Confused by eczema and doctor!

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Longo Mon 03-Aug-09 10:12:16

DD 11 months has always had dry skin, but for the past few months has got worse. I took her to the doctors when a small rash appeared, looked like prickly heat, they gave me dermalov for the bath. Made it like an ice rink so was given aqueous cream. All was fine until 4 weeks ago when spot like marks appeared on her legs. They look abit like bites and sometimes have got a pussy head on the bad ones. I took her back to the doctors and they said to continue with aqueous cream. It has got worse and feel fobbed off by doctor. Any advice please. Does it sound like eczema? My eczema doesn't look like hers?!

Picante Mon 03-Aug-09 10:14:46

Nope that doesn't sound like eczema at all. Does sound like an allergic reaction to something. Have you changed washing powder or what you use in the bath?

I'd stop using that cream and get some really natural stuff in, or just use olive oil.

GPs really are useless sometimes!

difficultdecision Mon 03-Aug-09 19:54:30

Eczema comes in lots of different forms and rashes are one thing it is impossible to diagnose over the internet.

If you are worried then tell your GP your concerns so they can explain. If you are not happy with the explanation and are in a group practice make an apt with one of the other GPs for a second opinion. If you are in a single handed practice ask them to refer you to a dermatologist for a second opinion.

But speak to him first or you can't know what he is thinking.

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