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sudden rash!

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illgetyoubutler Sun 02-Aug-09 14:14:59

i spotted a rash on DD belly - the whole of her trunk - this morning wen i changed her nappy hmm she isnt unwell, although she had a fever a few days ago alongside a runny nose, but is (apparently) well and fine now. i took another look at her 15 mins ago, and i think it may have spread o the back of one ear, and the top of her back. the rash is faint, but it is noticable.its not raised or angry looking. she is not itching, and doesnt seem to notice it or be bothered by it. apart from this sudden rash, she seems fine, eating, drinking, playing and being happy.
is this something familiar to little kids to get rashes spring up suddenly? the washing powder soap etc is all the same, so cant be that. does it sound like something more serious from someones experience? im not too worried per se, seeing as she is fine in all other areas, would just like some feedback i supposegrin

littleboyblue Sun 02-Aug-09 14:16:27

Does she have a temp? Have you done the glass test? Is it heatrash or dry skinn?

hairymelons Sun 02-Aug-09 14:27:45

My son always gets viral rashes at the first sign of a cold so it's not something to worry about with him.

You could do the glass test and take her temp. just to set your mind at rest? And call NHS direct or the out of hours docs if you're at all worried, they'll always check out a wee one with a rash.

Hope it clears up soon

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