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Worried about dd. sudden sore bum refusing to go to loo...

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gatheringstones Sun 02-Aug-09 10:26:33

dd, 3, has started to hold herself as though she needs a wee but denies needing one - dancing around etc. finally says bum hurts.

got to the point yesterday where i finally got her onto loo (worried not going could be worse than trauma) but she screamed. literally screamed. and didn't poo or wee.

i read up on here and thought worms so have treated her, me and dh and stripped bed this morning, etc.

but symptoms don't really fit. she's not scratching, although she does say it itches and yesterday she said it hurt to poo and wee but when was finally obliged to have a poo and go to loo (er it was coming anyway...) she said she felt much better and the problem had gone.

both times it's been bad it has been in the afternoon, not at night when worms active (?).

she doesn't seem constipated. stool healthy looking fat sausages (sorry) rather than those constipated hard round stools.

i'm puzzled and worried. anyone help/advise?

Kayteee Sun 02-Aug-09 12:30:52

Could be cystitis or urinary infection. Does she do this after a juice drink or fruit? Sometimes citrus can set it off.

I used to to get this quite a lot when I was young and it can be very painful.

Hassled Sun 02-Aug-09 12:33:57

I agree that it sounds like a bladder/urinary infection. Cranberry juice is meant to be good - the advice I've always had is to drink loads of liquid and flush it out. Doesn't sound like worms to me - that's itchy rather than painful, IME. If she's still in a state tomorrow, take her to the GP.

gatheringstones Sun 02-Aug-09 18:18:23

thanks for replies. got to the stage this aft she wee'd herself and that made her hysterical. said she didn't know she wanted a wee. very distressed.

am now trying to balance flushing it out and cranberry juice method against giving her too many fluids before bedtime. she'll be so upset if she wees the bed.

will make gp appoint tomorrow. poor little thing.

Kayteee Sun 02-Aug-09 23:33:10

Don't know if she will drink it but a teaspoon of bicarbonate of soda in a glass of water will relieve the pain. You can add cranberry juice for taste too.

Sounds just like cystitis to me. It makes you feel like you need to wee all the time but stings a lot.

I would go to gp tomorrow anyway, it's easily treatable. I really feel for her. sad

gatheringstones Mon 03-Aug-09 08:56:38

good tip, thanks. got appoint this morning so just hoping it is something straightforward and treatable....

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