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Allergic reaction?

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FlamongoBongo Sun 02-Aug-09 07:34:16

Can't ring NHS Direct as it's not an urgent emergency. Don't really want to cart everyone to the hospital for the third time in three days as she's not ill. I just want to talk to someone who's got allergic children to ask them about my DD4 (10m).

Yesterday lunchtime she developed a red, blotchy rash on her right cheek - we thought she'd bashed it on something. Then that rash kind of faded and a few hours later, she developed a blotchy rash on the other cheek, which looked to be easily put down to the fact she'd got hot and sweaty sleeping on my mum, with that cheek against my mum's top.

Now she's woken up this morning and the blotchy rash on the left cheek is still there but less evident, but she has huge weals all over her arms and legs!

She's very well in herself and doesn't seem bothered by them. But, not having had an allergic child before, I'm not sure if that's what I'm seeing?

We don't think she's eaten anything she hasn't eaten many times before. My mum does our laundry for us sometimes, so it's not a new laundry powder.

She does have a cold - not sure if that would be related or not!

Hope someone can give me some pointers as to what this could be and if I ought to do something now about it!

girlsyearapart Sun 02-Aug-09 07:46:37

Have you tried giving some piriton to see if the rash calms down?
dd2 allergic to many foods and other things and that's what we are advised to give if she has a reaction. Although I think it may just calm the itching rather than the reaction itself.. Sorry not v helpful just wanted to try to help!
Take her to GP tomorrow if rash hasn't cleared or A & E later if it gets worse.

alicecrail Sun 02-Aug-09 07:48:40


My DD gets the red marks on her face when she is teething. They don't look like normal teething redness though and it sounds a bit like what you described. The other thing is if she has been playing outside and it could be from a plant of some sort. Lots of plants can cause a reaction.

I'm sorry i can't be more help. If it was my DD, if she didn't have a temp and was well in herself then i would just keep an eye on her and perhaps take her to see the nurse tomorrow.

Good luck, and i hope you find out what it is smile

FlamongoBongo Sun 02-Aug-09 07:49:29

I haven't yet - I'm worried about it knocking her out, and it's not causing her any problems, no itching or anything (yet!). I'll definitely give her some the minute I notice any other symptoms though.

Yes, GP tomorrow sounds like a good idea.

Is the rash just on arms, legs and cheeks normal? I would have thought it would be all over.

FlamongoBongo Sun 02-Aug-09 07:51:16

I think you're right, Alice - take a wait and watch approach. She's going to my mum's today, but my mum's a nurse and my Grandad will be there who, although he's a bit out of touch, used to be a consultant, so she's in good hands if she does worsen! Will send her with piriton when she goes.

Not been crawling outside yesterday - crap weather. That would be a helpful response though on any other day as she's always crawling around outside!

girlsyearapart Sun 02-Aug-09 07:57:20

Reactions not always that immediate though. Wouldn't worry too much about the Piriton it has zero effect on our dd2 re sleeping anyway!
Last time we took her to A & E with swollen eye and face the doc said a food reacton would be same on both sides of face so more likely to be reaction to something else like pollen.
DD2 has had many reactions and even the most 'all over' reactions didn't cover everywhere.

alicecrail Sun 02-Aug-09 08:05:55

I think your mum seeing her seems the best option.

At least knowing your DD is in very capable hands means that you can relax a bit when you are on your own and not feel bad.

Have a good day smile

FlamongoBongo Sun 02-Aug-09 08:25:01

I'm a nurse too, Alice, so not too worried as I can see she's fine right now - just hoping she stays fine and it doesn't become systemic.

Anyway - status update: rash on legs not so bad now, new weals on arms, old ones gone now. Definitely an allergic reaction to something, but goodness knows what! And doesn't seem to actually be worsening so fingers crossed she'll be fine.

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