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i have to take ds2 for a sleep deprived eeg does anyone have any thoughts or advice?

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cheeryface Sat 01-Aug-09 17:37:11

for about 12 months i have noticed ds2 going a bit funny, his eyes sort of go blank, no one else had noticed it , probably because it lasts for about 3 seconds at a time. he also has days where he is kind of blinking in slow motion as though hes really tired (except hes not)
a few people knowing im a worrier told me i was fussing for nothing but eventually i asked the doc who referred him for an eeg.

he had it done a couple of weeks ago and the results say that its abnormal but not diagnostic. that it showed the type of activity associated with epilepsy, but mostly picked up on one side which is not what would be expected in absence type seizures.
we now have to keep him awake ALL night and take him for it again in the morning.

i dont really know what to think. if its not absence seizures but its not normal what else could it be?

hes had a brain scan and that was normal.

cheeryface Sat 01-Aug-09 18:25:10


morningsuncanslay Sun 02-Aug-09 00:36:06

maybe something like temporal lobe epilepsy where they don't lose consciousness but have altered consciousness and strange smells/tastes/deja vu phenomenon?

morningsuncanslay Sun 02-Aug-09 00:38:14

sorry,should have said I hope the eeg goes smoothly and you get the information you need from it,all the best for your little one

edam Sun 02-Aug-09 00:42:00

Have a look at the Epilepsy Action website, might get some insights there.

Sorry you are worried about ds. I had a sleep deprived EEG and do have sleep epilepsy (although developed as an adult). Hope it's reassuring that it doesn't really affect my life at all - just take two tablets a day at bedtime and that's it.

cheeryface Mon 03-Aug-09 10:40:26


DidEinsteinsMum Mon 03-Aug-09 10:50:13

Ds had a sleep deprived EEg hmm well not so sleep deprived as it was a 2hour journey to the hospital and you can guess what my 2yo did. It is not too bad. If you can stay calm about it it will be easier. Ds had jelly stuff and little pads stuck to his head and a hair net of wires attached over top. He was asked to play with some toys, answer some basic questions and complete a few basic tasks. They did a strobe test but as i suffer from strobe triggered migraines i left the room for that part at end and his dad stayed with him. We didnt get the results straight away (i think we had a three week wait - but was a while back and memory fuzzy) He didnt have sleep epilespy in end just really bad night terrors that were endless. Dont worry about the test as it is painless just time consuming. As for the results. Dont worry about those as those armed with knowledge are enpowered - either to treat solve any issue or more importantly to accept and move on.

Incidentally ds no longer has the night terrors but still doesnt sleep and has just returned to sleep fidgeting sad I have had to come to terms with fact that i might not ever get a good nights sleep with him in house (men can be very noisey!)

fleximum Mon 03-Aug-09 11:02:04

EEGs are notoriously non-specific and sleep-deprived ones are often more useful. Hard as it will be keeping DS awake, the more you can do, the more likely it is to give useful information. Hope it all goes ok.

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