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Yellow Snot nappies and no weight gain for 2 weeks - Should I be worried?

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splodge2001 Thu 30-Jul-09 23:13:30

DD is 17 wks. For the last 2 weeks she's produced yellow snot-like stools - smell normal just very liquid. Before it had those seedy bits. She's going about once per day and seems happy.....BUT she has only gained 80grms in the time shes been producing these nappies.

Before the snotty nappy she was gaining around 160g per week.

We also have a question mark over her health in that she has slightly high level if ALT -which is being checked again on Tues

I guess im really worried that the snot nappy is tied in with the ALT

does anyone know what might be causing it?

charlie1000 Thu 30-Jul-09 23:18:36

sorry to be thick, but what is ALT? blush

fruitstick Thu 30-Jul-09 23:30:32

My DS has nappies like these too. HV Said it was nothing to worry about, probably just a cold and they've been swallowing the snot blush

Has she had a cold?

OrangeFish Thu 30-Jul-09 23:36:13

I think it is ok, but if they continue for more than 10 days and you find some blood in it, it may be a food intolerance (either to something you are eating if you are breast feeding, or to cows milk if you are FF)

splodge2001 Thu 30-Jul-09 23:37:04

ALT is a liver enzyme - could mean liver damage

has sneezed a little, not really snotty. its been going on for a while, longer than the average cold.

splodge2001 Thu 30-Jul-09 23:39:03

sorry i meant 2 say she is EBF - no blood. i havent changed diet. could an intolerence just sponteously occur?

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