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Do children lose bladder control when having night terrors?

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mummytopebs Wed 29-Jul-09 18:58:21

DD has around 2-3 episodes a week when she wakes up screaming and you are unable to calm her down, she goes stiff and rigid and tehn loses control of her bladder, this usually lasts for around 10 minutes then she will go into a deep sleep. I thought these were night terrors but am now concerned they may be small seizures - any advice?

mummytopebs Wed 29-Jul-09 19:53:16


Dazmum Fri 31-Jul-09 16:56:54

My DS only had a couple of these, but didn't lose control of his bladder, just appeared wide awake, upset and shaking and kept looking up into the corner of the room as if he was scared of something there. We just cuddled him and put him back down to sleep and he didn't refer to them the next day. Sounds like it might be worth a check with the GP to put your mind at rest.

bubblagirl Fri 31-Jul-09 17:12:45

my friends ds would do this it was shock but she did take him to gp who tested to amke sure was not seizures so i would go to be on safe side it was inconclusive with her ds as she has epilepsy herself but he did grow out of it and is still being monitored anyway

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