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Any dentists about? Advice needed please re 6 year old dd

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plonker Tue 28-Jul-09 16:20:46

Dd is 6. She has recently lost her top tooth and the one next to it is wobbly.

She's just been doing gymnastics in the house (as they do! hmm) and has banged her mouth into the floor and knocked the already wobbly tooth so that the top of it is popping out of her gum, if that makes sense??

She cried a bit and it bled quite a lot, but she said it had stopped hurting after only 10 minutes.

She is bothered by it and keeps pushing it with her tongue (it only goes one way - backwards - it won't come back the other way as the top of the tooth has popped out of the gum) and I even caught her trying to pull it out!! I've told her she must leave it alone, but whether she'll listen is a different matter ...

Is there something I should do? How will I keep it clean (it hurts to touch). Will it fall out itself or should I take her to the dentist?

plonker Tue 28-Jul-09 17:02:52

Have booked an appt with dentist for tomorrow

Has this happened to anyone elses dc?

Did it affect the 'big' teeth coming through

It looks a mess ...poor dd sad

ScarletBear Tue 28-Jul-09 19:42:44

I think it's probably normal for them to come out at 6 anyway - it shouldn't be a problem for it to come out early, so if she wants to pull it out, there's probably nothing wrong with that.
The dentist will either leave it to fall out naturally, or take it out.

plonker Tue 28-Jul-09 21:44:20

Thanks ScarletBear - it does look like it needs to come out one way or another.

I'll see what the dentist says tomorrow (if it stays in that long!). I'm more worried about her big tooth behind it tbh

Thanks for your reply

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