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help - does my DD have chicken pox or not?

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messalina Mon 27-Jul-09 16:52:06

Have a DD aged 10 and a half months. She was quite sicky (throwing up and lost her appetite) whilst on holiday about 10 days ago, for about five days. We came back and she seemed a lot better. DH then came down with flu (maybe swine), as did I, and on Thursday DD broke out in spots, which seemed to be fluid-filled in some cases, but not in others. She was perfectly well apart from runny nose and cough when asleep. Rang doctor to describe spots and was told to bring her in the next day if they were still there as he thought it might be chicken pox. When he saw them, said they didn't have the distinctive chicken pox look but that it might be that, or something else. All her spots have now scabbed (it's Monday). She did once have a non-specific viral rash on her face but that looked different and it didn't scab. Can't think of any rash with spots that would scab except cp. But doesn't seem itchy. Any ideas?

lljkk Mon 27-Jul-09 18:51:19

It sounds a lot like cp to me, except for the vomitting bit. Your GP is probably too tired to say and it doesn't matter much right now if he has many other things (like swine flu) to worry about. Have you Googled to see what CP blisters look like? Didn't itch for 3 of my DC, btw.

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