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DD getting very upset if I try and take her socks off / touch her toe

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IDreamOfJeannie Mon 27-Jul-09 14:21:40

She grazed her toe on the beach 2 weeks ago. It didn't look too bad so I cleaned it then left it.

DD has been making a big fuss and getting v upset if I try and take her socks off / change her socks. Her toe still looks a tiny bit red, but otherwise normal. I've been putting savlon and a plaster on it.

She's walking fine, otherwise fine, and if I touch her toe / move it when she has her socks on she doesn't cry out or anything.

She's just 2 years old and although she can talk well, she hasn't told me it hurts. When I ask her she says no, but gets upset if I ask her anything else about it.

I can't work out if her toe really hurts or DD is just being weird about having her socks changed (she;s 2 and not exactly rational).

GPs and walk in centre are v busy due to swine flu. Is it worth getting it checked out?

ScarletBear Mon 27-Jul-09 15:33:01

IDream, she might have a mild infection in it - keep an eye on it, and if it gets 'redder' or the toe starts to swell, or the redness creeps up her foot, then take her to the GPs.
Alternatively, if it is hurting her, make a GP appointment just to be on the safe side!
Hope this helps!

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