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Cold sweats and very low temperature during sleeping

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dikkertjedap Mon 27-Jul-09 10:04:49

The last few days, my dd (3 yo) has cold sweats (absolutely drenched) when she is sleeping. I change her and she continues to sleep. When I take her temperature (Braun ear thermometer) it is below 36 degrees (varies between 35.7 and 35.9 degrees). Otherwise she is fine, no fever, plays a lot, eats well.

I read on the internet that it can have many causes. Has anybody experienced something similar, for how long did it last, what did you do? I wonder whether I should take her to a doctor, I am just worried that she'll pick something up whilst at the doctor though.

Grateful for any advice.

FluffyBunnyGoneBad Mon 27-Jul-09 16:31:33

I'd pop her to the GP, just so she can be checked over. A low temp can also indicate an infection, the same as a high temp. Don't worry too much, especially as she's playing and eating but it's best to get it checked, for your peace of mind rather then anything else.


Elibean Mon 27-Jul-09 16:48:08

dikkertjedap, did your dd have flu recently? I'm sorry, I can't remember who in your family did, though I seem to remember some of you did!

My first thought was the same as FluffyBunny's, get her checked out to be safe...but I also know that I've had cold sweats post-infection, during the convalescent phase of recovery from flu type illnesses.

If so, it should stop soon - if it carries on, I'd brave the surgery (not sure where you are, but here in London our local surgery, usually swamped, has been nearly empty as loads of people are away now).

dikkertjedap Mon 27-Jul-09 17:25:13

Thanks for your advice. DH has had swine flu, but dd and myself not (as far as we know)...

If she has it again tonight I will see the GP tomorrow.

fatsatsuma Mon 27-Jul-09 17:32:29

The cold sweats sound strange and I agree with others that you should ask your GP.

The temperature I would say is not excessively low. My dc's and I have a 'normal' temperature of around 35.5.

As FluffyBunny says, your best guide to whether anything's seriously wrong is how she is generally, and if she is well in herself as you say, that's a good sign. smile

dikkertjedap Tue 28-Jul-09 10:06:19

Thanks all.She had another cold sweat last night and again temperature between 35.7 - 35.9 degrees celsius. Took her to the GP this morning, done urine test, general examination, couldn't find anything. He expects that it is the aftermath from a virus and thinks that she might have had swine flu in a very mild form whilst we were on tamiflu (given that my husband had swine flu). And apparently ear thermometers (he compared ours with his and they gave the same reading) are generally not very precise. He also mentioned that very young children do tend to have lower basal temperature (including under 36 degrees celsius) more frequently than adults.
Anyway, thank you all for your messages. smile

Katonyhan Wed 12-Aug-09 16:56:27

My daughter does exactly the same, whenever she sleeps she pores cold clammy sweats but when she is awake she is absolutly fine.
This has been going on for a while now (over a month) but it wasn't until last night when I took her temp. and it was 35.6 that I worried!

Diana222 Tue 18-Aug-09 12:25:24

Hi all,
Night sweats and a very low body temp can indicate an under-active thyroid - this is the gland that regulates our metabolism. My 7 yr old son and I are both gluten intollerant and if we get a dose of gluten we both suffer thyroid attack and it lasts for about three days... (depending on your genetics, the gluten can trigger your immune system to target your own organs). If your child is also looking unusually pale, especially pale lips and is more depressed or lethargic than usual please do mention the thyroid thing to your GP. Sorry for the lecture but it makes me quite cross that not many GPs are trained to recognise the warning signs.
Best of luck

jebs Sat 03-Apr-10 10:19:37

hi, my little boy has suffered with cold night sweats for some time. he is nearly 6, and occasionally we get a bowt of them. he wakes crying, his pillow and clothes are soaked. he feels clamy and cold, and has a low temp, but he has nothing viral, etc. in the day time, he is entirely normal, its just these night time sweats that come in waves, then go. i am now going to check on gluten foods, and see whether this has any effect on his night time sleeps/sweats. thanks

vikkie84 Tue 16-Apr-13 22:03:25

hi guys my little one is 2 and has a temp of 35.6 and i have also had to change his bed because of the sweating am undecided on taking him to docs as his temp has never been this low even when he was a baby just need a bit of advice please

mrssunshine21 Fri 17-Jun-16 01:55:31

Hi Diana222 ,
I have a 6mo who has recently had allergy tests(awaiting results) following extremely bad excema flare. I was told is normal for children with ezcema to have enlarged glands. However at night time his temperature is dropping to 35.4/35.5 with cold sweats after reading your post I am lworried about the thyroid now as there is a family history. He is on solids and bf, my diet consisting of barely any gluten. How do you monitor/handle bad reactions? Have you any advice ?

Smarties34 Wed 19-Jul-17 16:43:42

Hi my son has had a fever between 38 - 39 controlled with paracetamol from sunday till yesterday with a nasty cough and today hes has a low temperature 34.8 -35.8 and is really sweating .... i really dont know what i can do.

Stardustandicecream Fri 21-Jul-17 23:56:58

Smarties is your son ok now? A very low temperature like that, if accurate, can indicate sepsis. If you haven't already done so please get him checked out.

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