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any top tips for banishing nits?

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bonnyb1 Sun 26-Jul-09 11:05:01

Hi, my DD has nits, I've been wrestling with them all week, we started Monday with Hedrin which killed them, then I've been nit combing every day with tea tree oil conditioner. The problem is my daughter has masses of thick long curly hair and it's almost impossible to see the eggs. I think I've got em all and then I find another one, the poor child is fed up with me rummaging through her barnet.
Anyone got any recommendations, short of head shaving?

Seona1973 Sun 26-Jul-09 11:26:28

do you not have to repeat the hedrin treatment tomorrow? You normally retreat a week after the first lot to kill any new lice that hatched from the eggs that were still in the hair.

bonnyb1 Sun 26-Jul-09 11:45:27

hi yes I am going to do that, but I think you still need to pull the eggs out. I've managed to get them all out of my younger daughters hair but it is blond and fine so it was a much easier job. I can't believe she managed to avoid getting them at school for the whole year and then I discover them on day one of the holidays angry

littlelamb Sun 26-Jul-09 11:47:16

nitty gritty comb. Absolutely fab, did thejob for us without needing chemicals

bonnyb1 Sun 26-Jul-09 11:57:03

is that a particular brand of comb? I am using a nit comb but it seems pretty useless. Someone said there is a comb that 'zaps' the nits, but I don't know how effective this is. Don't want to spend a fortune on stuff that doesn't work.

littlelamb Sun 26-Jul-09 12:00:59

Yes, its a not comb where the spokes are very very close together so it catches everything. Was about 10 pounds i htink but worth every penny, and comes with a lifetime guarantee. I tried Hedrin first and it did nothing but make dd look like she'dbeen dunked in grease, but tried the nitty gritty after lots of recommendations on here and we've not had a single nit since. SHe has rather wild hair too wink

bonnyb1 Sun 26-Jul-09 12:06:48

that sounds good I'm off to Lloyds chemist right now, thanks for advice. I usually always use the balsam tea tree shampoo and conditioner and keep her hair tied back and that seems to help prevent it. I let her wear her hair down for the end of school disco and I think that was my fatal mistake!

Dazmum Tue 28-Jul-09 18:33:59

The Nitty Gritty works! Loads last night only two today. Phew.

tb Thu 30-Jul-09 17:44:10

They don't seemm to like Head and Shoulders shampoo either! We had them for 18months when dd was 9 and I nearly shaved my hair off in frustration as she kept having a strop and refusing to use any nit stuff again, and I kept getting the critters.

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