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Other than swine flu are there any other nasty viruses around that cause a sore throat? DD2, DD3 and myself have all been ill and I am getting paranoid!

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fannybanjo Sat 25-Jul-09 21:07:10

that it could be swine flu as everyone keeps treating us like lepers!

Has anyone else or your DC had a virus which the main symptom is sore throat?

IwishIwasmoreorganised Sat 25-Jul-09 21:08:54

My ds2 has been diagnosed with tonsillitis today. He's also got a a runny nose.

paranoidpiggy Sat 25-Jul-09 21:10:07

My dd was diagnosed with croup yeaterday. It has been very nasty for her Online symptom checker misdiagnosed swine flu so definately worth getting checked out

23balloons Sat 25-Jul-09 21:12:57

ds had a temp, sore throat,headache and loss of appetite last weekend. He was fine by Tuesday and nobody else caught it. I don't think it was swine flu just some sort of virus.

fannybanjo Sat 25-Jul-09 21:13:02

DD2 already been checked by Dr on Monday, DD3 is not as poorly as DD2 been but I suppose that's because she is only 5 months old and doesn't show it the same.

Poor DD2 barely ate and she is tiny thing anyway, I hate to see them so out of sorts. sad

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