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My 2 year old son won't eat.......

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Shababbab Thu 23-Jul-09 16:45:24

anything except fishfingers, sausages and bread (fruit bars, chocolate and cake also seem to get by though).

No veg, no salad or tomatos, no fruit, no pasta, he won't even eat all his weetabix or toast anymore.

We haven't done anything wrong, we weaned him by the textbook and while at the beginning he would eat everything its now getting less and less and is rejected with a "I don't like it".

We don't offer treats unless he's been good or let him snack.

Even his nursery have said that they are concerned about his eating as he keeps refusing everything they give him - even a cheese sandwich.....

Anyone out there with any thoughts or experience of this? I think it may be a "phase" but think we need to break the cycle somehow.....

KembleTwins Thu 23-Jul-09 16:51:03

Is he just doing that 2-yr-old thing of pushing his independence? Mine did this, and I got really really stressed about it. We dealt with it by trying not to make a fuss - if they (I have twins) refused to eat, I just took the food away and said "OK". Didn't offer an alternative, but did let them have pudding when DH and I got onto that - so they lived off yogurt for a day or two. Didn't let them have snacks, so they'd get used to eating at meal times. They would refuse even things that had previously been favourites. Also, they started wanting things that they didn't consider "theirs" - ie museli for breakfast, rather than rice crispies. We went along with that, and subtley increased things that were "for" mummy and Daddy.
I did get really stressed about it though, especially as my two were prem and therefore tiny when they were babies, and we had probs with their feeding then. In the end, Mum and Health Visitor pointed out, sensibly, that no toddler will starve himself, and that it really IS only a phase.
My twins are eating properly again now. Try to ride it out!

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