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Reflux vs Lactose Intollerance

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zerella Thu 23-Jul-09 14:04:17

My 4 month old has projectile vomited at least once a day since the day she was born. So far this has been put down to reflux and she has been treated for that but nothing has made much difference to the frequency she is sick. Her weight is healthy so docs not concerned. I'm exclusively breast feeding. The last few weeks she has really improved, but I started to give her some baby rice which I mixed with formula. Her vomiting has started again. Could she be lactose intollerant? Doc or health visitor don't seem to want to go there at this stage. I had cows milk allergy as a child which showed itself as excema. Anyone else know anything about lactose intolerance?

blondissimo Thu 23-Jul-09 21:33:55

My ds is suspected cow's milk protein intolerant and also suffers with reflux so it could be both? I too had cow's milk intolerance which came out in eczema, which is why they suspect ds has too. They won't actually diagnose it officially though as your dc is so young. Is she on Infant Gaviscon?

mumtoem Fri 24-Jul-09 12:15:41

This sounds more like cows milk protein intolerance, rather than lactose intolerance. You could try mixing the baby rice with a little rice milk. Rice milk is no longer recommended as a drink for babies, but it would be OK in small amounts for weaning. If this stops the vomiting, you could then ask the GP to prescribe a hypoallergenic formula (Nutramigen or Neocate).

Reflux can be a symptom of cows milk protein intolerance.

Do you find that she is less sick if you avoid eating dairy products? This can also point towards cows milk protein intolerance.

ollipop Fri 24-Jul-09 15:45:53

My son had reflux(he is now 13 months). The GP tried Gavisgone (didn't work), tried Retinodine and Donperidone (didn't work). So we ended up sending him to Portland Hospital and we saw a fantastic children reflux specialist called Dr Eltumi who changed his milk to Neutramegen and gave him some medicine. After 3 months all reflux gone. You have to act quickly. The later you leave it, the worse it gets and more difficult to cure. Dr Eltumi is expensive (about 200 pounds each time) but he is worth it

Ria79 Fri 31-Jul-09 20:17:58

Hi guys, sorry to butt in but my DS2 has reflux, diagnosed at 10 weeks after a spell of stopping breathing (and after i'd ben told to stop breastfeeding by the doc as they thought he was allergic to me sad angry!!!???).

He was prescribed Gaviscon but after a few months it wasn't getting any better.

Since then he has been prescribed Carobel. It's worth it's weight in gold i swear.

It's made by Cow and Gate and is an instant thickner - so it thickens the milk so it can't come back up!!!

I even use it when making his meals.

The chemist & HV had never heard of it but it works for my DS2 and thats all that counts eh!

He is 9 months in 4 days and since weening him he is rarely sick and obvoicusly keeps his milk down too.

Just trapped wind at night to solve now and we've cracked it lol

Good luck all i know what it's like - but there is light at the end of the tunnel - i think hmm

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