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sore penis after swimming?

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winnie09 Wed 22-Jul-09 08:28:34

My son is 8 and was complaining of having a sore penis. When I looked at it it was slightly cracked and bleeding. I tried to get him to the drs yesterday but the next appointment is next Tuesday. Today it looks fine and he is not complaining. Ds says it was the chlorine in the swimming pool that set it off. We have been swimming more than usual this week.

I've looked on nhs direct but it wasn't much help. any ideas?

ABetaDad Wed 22-Jul-09 08:46:05

I am assming it is the foreskin is cracked and bleeding? If it happens again or he gets repeated infections then yes I woudl take him to the GP. If he is OK now I would not bother. A bit of mpoisturising cream or vaseline and it will be fine.

The foreskin is very delicate skin and because it is not joined to underlying tissue like normal skins say on your arm or leg and so it can get dry and cracked quite easily. The chlorine is the problem and especially if he did have a shower afterwards or wash himself properly around his groin area. The chlorine will have remained on his skin and as the water evaporated it will have become very concentrated like bleach. Add on the ammonia in his urine and it will be very sore.

winnie09 Wed 22-Jul-09 18:32:57

AbetaDad, thanks for advice. I wondered about vaseline but I will take him to the GP if it happens again.

WinnieToo Thu 23-Jul-09 03:23:24

What a coincidence, my name is winnie too. My son had same problem today. I suspected the Chlorine. He is still in pain. I rubbed an antibiotic on it and gave him motrin. He is 5 years old. We swim all the time but this is the first time there has been a problem

Mumcentreplus Thu 23-Jul-09 03:27:31

Petroleum Jelly will work wonders...

WinnieToo Thu 23-Jul-09 14:52:29

Thanks. I will try that.

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