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Thrush in 3 year old

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darcireece Mon 20-Jul-09 22:47:01

hi can anybody help me my 3 year old keeps getting thrush has done for about 3 mths she gets it about twice a week & she says its very sore she also drinks alot & urinates alot i have tried cutting sugars out & using non sented things but nothing seems to be helping she eats very little about the equivalant to a slice of toast per day & only weighs 1.7 stone so is very petite nobody i know dd's have ever had thrush at all so i'm a bit worried something is going on

8oreighty Mon 20-Jul-09 22:53:31

REally worth going to I found this on mumsnet, and really helped me. Also there is something called Threelac which is amazing at getting rid of yeast, which causes thrush, it's a probiotic but specifically for that purpose and safe for kids. I can promise that it totally works. Has she had antibiotics? That can cause an imbalance that leads to thrush...worth phoning and speaking to lady at candida free who is so's not a money making kind of website.

8oreighty Mon 20-Jul-09 22:54:26

Also would cut out bread with yeast in it. if you want I can send you easy recipe for soda bread, or try to give her crackers without yeast in. Also plain probiotic yoghurt, and yes no sugar very important.

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