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Chickenpox? Infected Eczema? Fever? Help!

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meep Sun 19-Jul-09 18:23:32

Dd1 (2yo) has had high temps on and off since Friday. Temp mostly normal now with the odd peak at 38.5, all controlled with Calpol & Nurofen. She was also ponting in her mouth saying "sore" so I thought she must have a sore throat

She also broke out in a dark red blistery rash - but it is only confined to the areas where she gets eczema. The blisters have now scabbed over. She doesn't seem to have been scratching at them - mostly says they are "sore".

So wise MNetters - is it chickenpox or infected eczema or just a symptom of the fever?

I'll get her to the GP on Monday but just wondered what it could be?

(apologies if I don't get back to you tonight - am posting then bailing out to do bath and bed time)

acebaby Sun 19-Jul-09 18:44:03

DS2 has eczema and it always flairs (flares? sp?)up when he has a virus. It could be this or it could be a skin infection (viral or bacterial). Have you tried using her normal eczema treatment?

Have you tried piriton? I have found it a lifesaver with DS2 when his eczema is really bad (we have it prescribed as it is not available over the counter for 1yos anymore)

Good idea to take her to the gp - she may need antibiotics if it is a skin infection or antivirals if a virus is making her so poorly. While you are there, you could ask about antihistimines on prescription if you think they would help.

I do hope she is over the worst!

meep Sun 19-Jul-09 18:51:22

thanks acebaby.

Aveeno cream made it "sore ow" so it must have stung (and Aveeno never stings) and 0.5% steroid didn't have any affect on it at all (and I am reluctant to use it on broken skin) - calamine seems to have soothed it a bit.

Not tried piriton - but will ask the GP tomorrow.

acebaby Sun 19-Jul-09 20:36:06

poor your DD - eczema is heartbreaking isn't it... sad I hope the gp is helpful tomorrow

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