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Is this normal for Chicken Pox?

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Bubbaloo Sun 19-Jul-09 11:30:26

Ds2 had Chicken Pox a couple of weeks ago and although he had it quite bad,he wasn't ill with it,iyswim.
Dh has now caught it from him,has been spotty for 3 days and is quite ill with it.
He has a headache,temperature,lots of aches and pains,shivers,and looks horrendous.His face is virtually covered in spots,not all of them are blister type spots,but the ones that are,aren't clear.They all look like they're pus filled and are a yellow colour.
I just wondered if anyone else has had the pus filled blisters with Chicken Pox,as thought they were meant to be clear.

tink123 Sun 19-Jul-09 16:03:31

Please keep an eye on dh. If his temp goes up above 40 degrees i would go to hospital A&E. My dh ended up in ITU with pneumonia. It can be serious for adults.
Not sure about spots. Do not mean to worry cos even complications in adults are rare, just keep extra eye out.

girlsyearapart Sun 19-Jul-09 16:11:03

dd1 who was about 18mo had it first not too poorly off her food bit drippy not too many spots. dd2 6 mo had it 2 weeks later awful worst week of my life. She has excema and allergies so lowered immunity. Spots absolutely everwhere. Barely slept for a week. Didn't eat. Temp. Called nhs direct who got doctor to call me who said go to gp. They just said keep dosing up with piriton and calpol. There are antibiotics you can have but only work at the beginning so prob too late now. Call out of hours gp if you can get through. Also worth going to a chemist to ask a pharmacist.

Bubbaloo Sun 19-Jul-09 17:38:42

His temperature seems to have come down a little bit,but think I will call the surgery tomorrow and speak to one of the doctors.I've tried calling NHS Direct which is impossible to get through to,due to the Swine Flu outbreak.
He has been taking antivirals since Thursday evening,so hopefully they should be kicking in now,but he just looks so horrific and must have over 200 spots,just on his face and necksad.

tink123 Sun 19-Jul-09 17:49:11

It is good news if he is already on antivirals and spots are mainly on hands and face. DH had them internally throughout his body, in his lungs, stomach and everywhere.

Hope he feels better soon

Bubbaloo Sun 19-Jul-09 18:40:51

Thanks Tink.He has them everywhere and has hardly eaten anything for 2 days as they're in his mouth too,but I'm hoping he's now over the worst,as his temperature is normal.

girlsyearapart Sun 19-Jul-09 20:14:17

Oh bless him. Yes my dd2 had so many spots everyone who saw her said they never had seen it so bad. Serves me right as I was thinking when dd1 one got it 'what's all the fuss about chickenpox isn't so bad..' Re the eating they are more concerned about fluid intake than food. Maybe milkshake or something?

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