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Am CONFUSED - 2 surgeons gave 2 totally different mole removal methods!!!

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hazlinh Sat 18-Jul-09 06:39:43

Hi all,
Some of you may recall that I started a thread about exploring options to remove a large mole fr dd (5)'s forehead and I received lots of encouraging responses, and personal experiences. Thanks again!

Have met two plastic surgeons, and am now extremely confused because they both gave different consults! Would like to know if anyone can personally recommend one over the other?

The first one suggested removing it in one sitting, and either stitching the two sides of the remaining skin together OR doing a skin graft fr dd's hairline, using a light anaesthetic.

The second one suggested doing it in two sittings of abt 30 mins each, with a general anaesthetic. In the first procedure, he'd take out three quarters of the mole, within the mole and stitch the sides together, wait for 4-6 weeks for the skin to stretch and then do another procedure to remove the rest of the mole and stitch the skin back together. He said that doing a skin graft was not advisable as it wd be a different colour and it wd also leave a depression. He showed some photos which confirmed this is true.

Both surgeons were highly recommended especially the first one, who my GP says he recommends for children especially those who require reconstructive work after trauma.

But now I'm just confused. I don't know if anyone can help, and share with me some of your own personal experiences? I would really really be so grateful.

whomovedmychocolate Sat 18-Jul-09 16:41:36

I've only had it done as an adult but the grafting method is much better IME - the problem with stitching the two sides together is you don't know how it will heal. I've been left with several very large pink shiny patches of scar tissue where the skin hasn't quite gone how it was expected to. With the skin graft one I have a tiny line which you wouldn't see unless I pointed it out to you. But it is a bigger op (and obviously in this case two ops versus 1). Regarding skin colour - when mine was done they put a cone in to stretch the skin in advance and then that was removed and the op done. So the skin was from the same area.

Mind you, as a five year old you have every chance of there being no scar after a few years in any case, so I'd go with your gut instincts.

hazlinh Mon 20-Jul-09 03:39:13

i see!
thanks whomovedmychocolate...

welcoming any more responses/personal experiences...


stuffitlllama Mon 20-Jul-09 05:54:22

I am also interested as I have a child who may need a mole removed next to the nose.

I am worried about scarring just because my children still have scars from old cuts when v small, that needed stitching around forehead, chin etc, and they seem to be the shiny white kind. And mine is just going into teens so I really want it to be rather invisible.

Anyway thanks to both, will follow this.

hazlinh Mon 20-Jul-09 06:08:21

hi stuffitllama

glad to know there is someone kind of in the same boat as i am...

the first plastic surgeon told me not to worry too much abt scarring, and he said he'd help me with lots of tips on how to minimise scarring. i did look at photos of his past patients n i couldnt see any scarring at all after a few mths.

the second one said there wd be a scar, no matter what, and he was a lot less encouraging. but i don't know if it's a case of him being more realistic and the first one trying too hard to soothe me, or whether the first one really is better at minimising scars and the second one isn't.

stuffitlllama Mon 20-Jul-09 08:40:23

I'll probably see a doctor in the next couple of weeks. I don't know how long threads stay open but if I get helpful info I will post it.

hazlinh Mon 20-Jul-09 10:01:57

great, tks! in case i don't check this space, could u also email me?

(and i may have heard wrongly, but i googled skin grafts and am now unsure if the first plastic surgeon said skin graft or skin flap. in my defence, he had loud music blaring fr a radio which he didnt bother to turn off when i walked in. ugh)


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