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Big bruise on cheek won't go away

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loisstella Sat 18-Jul-09 06:13:22

My daughter is 14 months and cruising around the house climbing on everything.
The other day she bumped her face on a sofa leg and she's had a big nasty bruise on her face. We're now 10 days in and the bruise is still very much there. Oddly she seems to have developed a red rash around the bruise too.
I know toddlers bruise - but 10 days seems long?
Should I be concerned?

LIZS Sat 18-Jul-09 12:57:30

dd, then 16 months, had what we thought was a bruise on her face but turned out to be something unusual called Erythema Nodosum. it came and went with changes in temperature for several months.

loisstella Sat 18-Jul-09 14:59:11

Hmmmmm. Mia does not seem to have a temperature but I will keep an eye on that. Thanks for the tip. What could be done about this? Was it upsetting to your little girl?

LIZS Sat 18-Jul-09 15:03:28

dd didn't have a temperature either and no it didn't bother her . The mark went in about 10 days apart from when hot or cold when the "bruise" would reappear. The skin had a slightly thicker feel to it than just a bruise.

loisstella Sat 18-Jul-09 17:49:43

Hmmmm... She's just come out with a few more red marks, like a rash. May be totally unrelated but think I might just run her over to the doctor tomorrow.

loisstella Sat 18-Jul-09 17:51:04

Ps we live in the middle east - so very hot. I wonder if Mia may have the same thing as your DD.

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