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Anxiety or Urinary Problem?

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whiteorchids Thu 16-Jul-09 19:21:24

My 11yr old DS is just finishing Primary school to start Secondary. He has always had little habits when he is anxious, when one goes away another one starts. Just before SATs he started going to the toilet about 6 times before going to sleep, in and out of the bathroom to pass urine and inbetween changing his pants a few times. It settled a bit but for the past week and just before a school play he went about 8 times within 40 minutes and kept changing his underwear. He's never had a bed wetting problem, never does this during the day, although he says he feels as if after he has gone he still feels a bit like he needs to sometimes. He is very well, no other symptoms, I'm just not sure whether it's another anxiety habit or if there is something else going on. My instinct feels as if it is anxiety, but then again I would hate to think he does have a problem and I'm not doing anything about it, I suppose it would do no harm taking him to the GP. but I don't want him to go through investigations for nothing. Anyone any advice or any experience of this? thank you.

musicalmum43 Fri 17-Jul-09 10:40:20

UTIs are tested by a urine sample, so it's not invasive. He would probably also have a temperature and it would sting when he goes. My DCs get anxious - it might be worth learning some relaxation techniques, or talking through that with the GP as counselling can be very effective.

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