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Scared for my mum

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topsyturveymum Thu 16-Jul-09 17:53:37

Any GPs or health workers out there that can put my mind at rest?

Am so scared my mum is going to get swine flu. She had lung cancer 10 yrs ago and has had top lobe of one removed. She uses inhalers and gets quite breathless at times when walking. She takes various pills daily. She is prone to coughs and ctarrh (sp?) and colds can really drag her down.

I keep hearing about the people dying from this having 'serious underlying health problems' and am so scared she is really at risk from this illness sad

missworried Thu 16-Jul-09 20:57:36

I can't offer any advice but just wanted to bunp this for you.

nickschick Thu 16-Jul-09 20:58:38

bump for you

missworried Thu 16-Jul-09 22:18:29

I noticed a posting here some where from someone whose dad is having chemo and only had mild SF. I too would like to know about the underlying health issues as it is a real worry for many of us.

Elibean Thu 16-Jul-09 22:20:54

bumping for you.

I knew someone who had exactly the same as your Mum, and did wonderfully with her one lung (I think she did yoga to help her breathing as much as possible) and wish we were still in touch so I could ask her for you. I don't know the answers, but imagine your Mum's reduced lung capacity would put her in the same risk group as someone with moderate to severe asthma - and although they are higher risk (and also, therefore, entitled to Tamiflu and will be amongst the first to be vaccinated) there have been several asthmatic MNers who've had this flu and been fine.

Hope you get some more knowledgeable answers, but if it were me...I'd be anxious, but certainly not assume the worst: so much depends on if she gets it, how badly she gets it, and how she personally reacts to it - some asthmatics have been fine, some healthy people have not, it doesn't seem easy to predict.

Hope she, and you, stay well smile

topsyturveymum Thu 16-Jul-09 22:33:23

Thanks to you all for your posts - hmm wrong place to post, meant to go under gen health!

I guess it is just wait and see and hope for the best outcome if she gets it - keeping everything crossed.

Good health to you and yours too...thanks again. x.

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