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7 month old suddenly tired all the time?

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KiwiPanda Thu 16-Jul-09 17:20:54

Hello, just looking for some advice

DD - who usually gets by on three 40-60 minutes naps a day, is suddenly in the last three days constantly tired and rubbing her eyes. I've been putting her straight back down again after her morning nap because she's obviously still knackered, so instead of 40 mins she's sleeping nearly 2 hours. Then all afternoon, despite more naps, she's been rubbing her eyes.

There are no signs of illness - no temp etc. When she isn't tired she seems perfectly happy (though not for long before she's tired again!)

Any ideas what it might be - should I take her to the doctor or would that be silly?

mumblecrumble Thu 16-Jul-09 19:28:29

Never silly to tak your little one to the doctor.

I wonder if it could be heat? Or is she more mobile? Maybe got a little virus?

Just take her -can never do any harm. Do you have a walk in centre nearby?

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