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Could she be teething at 11 weeks?

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Elpis Wed 15-Jul-09 18:43:53

My DD is slobbering a bit and gnawing on her fingers when awake. She also wanted to suck on my finger today, which she hasn't done before. And I felt a sharp pain as she pulled away from the breast today after a feed ... There's a ridge at the front of her lower jaw, but surely she's a bit young to be teething? On the other hand, she is big for her age - her weight has been in the 91st percentile ever since she was born.

Oh, and I'm terribly worried she'll catch swine flu and have to go to hospital because she's so young. But I'm trying to keep that particular obsession under control.

missingthemountains Wed 15-Jul-09 19:51:10

DS2 had 4 teeth by 13 weeks. some babies are born with teeth (eek!) so don't worry it's well within the "normal" range

try not to worry about the swine flu - people and children who I know who have had it report that it's milder than normal flu - just with more media hype wink

Elpis Thu 16-Jul-09 07:16:29

Thanks for reassurance! She isn't really picking things up yet, so I might have to encourage her with the teether.

littleboyblue Thu 16-Jul-09 07:40:02

My ds1 and ds2 both showed these signs of teething by 10/11 weeks. Ds1 didn't actually get a tooth until he was 10 months, and ds2 is now 5 months and nothing yet.
I got some teethers from the ELC, they do some that are sinle rings that can be hooked to each other, so on their own they are small enough for little hands and light enough that she'll be able to get it to her mouth easily.

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