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2yo lerthargic & listless (off & on for last month) - could it be hayfever??

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stirlingstar Wed 15-Jul-09 16:30:12

For the last month my 2.5 DS1 has started to have quite a few 'off' days where he gets very tired during the day & doesn't really want to eat. He's not feverish, is drinking, is eating some (even if it's only a big breakfast and almost nothing else all day), and it isn't every day (but have had 3 days like this in last week).

No change to our routine or diet. He just seems to get exhausted and ready for a nap by mid morning, takes ages to properly wake up after a sleep, seems to be too tired to eat, and doesn't have his usual stamina for activities. Nursery (2 days/week) have also commented on it. On some days he's been sneezing and rubbing his eyes a lot (they are slightly red, but maybe just from being rubbed) - but doesn't have streaming nose.

Have made appointment with GP but there's a 10 day wait angry. HV and DP have both suggested hay fever - DP says his hay fever just makes him feel wretched (though strikes earlier in the spring) rather than causing loads of nose running etc. But can you get hayfever this young? And if so, how to treat? (Have given him piriton a few times, but think this makes him drowsy in itself and reluctant to put him on it regularly without some advice)

Any ideas? Am I being overconcerned about just a toddler phase, or should I actually worry aout something more sinister.

SillyShrimp Wed 15-Jul-09 17:27:30

You can definitely have it that young - I've had it since I was about 6mo. . .
I think it was treated with prescribed eyedrops, although it was a long time ago, so things have probably changed!
A trip to the GP sounds like a good idea, although be prepared for them to deny it, as it is rare!

bubblagirl Wed 15-Jul-09 17:35:41

i suffer bad from hay fever and have noticed this summer ds who is 4 is always tired seems to have an endless cold went off his food always complaining of being tired can only presume he has hay fever too ive been putting Vaseline on his nose and that seems to have helped alot not much else i can give that doesn't make him drowsy but the Vaseline rubbed in and around nose seemed to work

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