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Off to Royal Brompton with DS (6mths) for aspirating or aspiration .

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mppaw Mon 13-Jul-09 21:32:55

After 6 months of living hell,we have finally been taken seriously about how poorly DS is. They think he is Aspirating and we have an appointment with the Brompton to start doing tests etc....Anyone else experienced this ?

lubblyjubblies Tue 14-Jul-09 18:21:33

Has he had a barium swallow test?
My DS had this to see if aspiration was causing his terrible lung/chest problems.
Its an easy, fairly non traumatic exam. They simply x ray little one as they drink a milkshake type drink.

fizzyanddizzy Tue 14-Jul-09 21:29:54

Dont know about the aspirating personally - although tests will prob involve barium swallow or videofluroscopy - we are just at the very begining of investigating swallowing probs for our 9 month old.

BUT we know the Brompton well as our older son is seen there and they really are v v good!

Sounds like you have been having a terrible time - why has it taken them so long to listen to you?

mppaw Wed 15-Jul-09 20:18:42

Oh dont even go there fizzy !!! Poor little fellow has basically had a chest infection for the last 6 months !! I have seen so many GP's, Peads, been to A&E on numerous occasions as he has struggled to breath since birth, but no one listened. We ended up in hospital 10 days ago, we were discharged yesterday, hence the delay getting back on here.
Just want all this sorted out now, so thought I would post on here to see if others have been thru this.

Hi Lubbyjubbies, no barium swalloow test yet. To be honest we have had no tests, it is just the docs suggesting aspiration cos of the state he has been in all this time.

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