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what is causing 5 yr old's constipation

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clare21 Mon 13-Jul-09 19:59:34

Poor lad has constipation again, day 5 now. Second time in a month. He has a really good diet - fruit with cereal, packed lunch incl fruit and cucumber, supper with veg and drinks cup of water with meals. What on earth is causing it? Went to GP last time who gave him poo softening medicine. So he's back on that, and the poos are coming but he still has the pain and bloated tummy. Any advice pse?

DLI Mon 13-Jul-09 20:10:16

my ds gets constipated when he doesnt eat weetabix for a few days!!!!! i always make sure that every two-three days he has weetabix for breakfast and he has no problems - i think it is because it is high in fibre!

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