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What are these bumps on DD's skin?

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LovelyDear Sun 12-Jul-09 20:10:49

DD (5) has had two circular colourless bumps, about 7mm diameter. One on her wrist, one above her elbow. She's had them about a week. When they first appeared I thought - ay ay, here comes chicken pox. but they didn't changed, and no more have a appeared. She's been under the weather for a few days. Yesterday the wrist one swelled a little, and i thought maybe it's CP after all. But today it's back to as it was. Not pus filled as far as i can tell. Any clues?

LovelyDear Sun 12-Jul-09 20:18:02

smile please?

FluffyBunnyGoneBad Sun 12-Jul-09 20:22:06

Hmm. Warts?

CHOCOLATEPEANUT Sun 12-Jul-09 20:23:50

could be moluscum (think spelt right?)my dd had them when she was 3.they look like warts and spread like mad.

angrypixie Sun 12-Jul-09 20:44:39

We've been plagued by molescum, my daughter has it on arms legs and torso and has done for months

CHOCOLATEPEANUT Sun 12-Jul-09 21:08:12

hate to say it but i think ds is starting with it too

he has a spot on his tum that looks familiar

dd had it on er torso and arms it was terrible but it went after a year

the secret is to get the hard pus out and not let it touch the surounding skin as thats how it spreads
not easy though and veru painful...
i used to bath dd and rub her skin briskly with towel and then tweezer them out while the skin was broken

LovelyDear Sun 12-Jul-09 21:16:10

i've seen molluscum on a friend's DD and this is totally different (thank goodness, i think!) it looks like two single chicken poxes.

LIZS Sun 12-Jul-09 21:17:52

Molluscum contagiosum?If so they get progressively worse and spread before spontansouly cleanrign some motnhs later ime. Teatree oil and Aveeno helped dd's from being too angry.

LovelyDear Sun 12-Jul-09 21:54:50

d'you know, i've looked at this before but now i look again i think it might be this. hmmm. yuck.

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