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Small patch of eczema - what's the best way to treat?

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I know there's lots of threads about eczema but they seem to be where children are really badly affected. My 21mo dd has just developed a small patch on her ankle - been there for a week or so. It doesn't seem to be spreading but I would like to make sure it goes. What's the best way to treat it? E45 cream or similar? Anything I should be careful to do/avoid when bathing?

daisydora Sun 12-Jul-09 09:57:59

My DD gets it just on the back of her knees. We use Aqueous Cream and if it won't go we have been prescribed a steroid cream which usually shifts it in one application as its quite mild. The GP said the key is to continually apply the 'moisurising' cream even when the exzema is not visible

cornsilk Sun 12-Jul-09 09:58:16

E45, oilatum or plain water in the bath. Avoid soap. Non bio washing powder.

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