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Anyones DC had tonsils and adenoids out?

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Chooster Sat 11-Jul-09 21:40:42

My 5 yr old Ds has had his tonsils and adenoids taken out last monday due to having sleep apnea. He's been doing relatively well but there are just a few things that I'm wondering about. Does anyone have any experience about whats normal for recovery of less than a week?

- His breath is really smelly the last few days and I really notice it at night as he's been sleeping in my bed so I can keep an eye on him. He's never had this before and I'm guessing its maybe because he is breathing differently? Or could it be a sign of infection? Its still bad after I clean his teeth...

- He's quite stroppy and grumpy if things dont go his way and he's never been like this before - again, just the after effects of having the GA and operation?

- He is not eating a varied diet yet although he seems to have no trouble eating cookies! Is he just playing up by having a mouse portion of pasta and then LOADS of yogurt?

I guess I'm just not sure how long to cut him some slack about his behaviour and eating?

Any advice?

Elibean Sat 11-Jul-09 22:48:36

My 2 yr old dd had hers out in January. Its totally normal for breath to be smelly at this stage, IIRC the scabs peel off the wounds about a few days after the op and thats when breath can get stinky. It can also be a painful time, when pain that has got better comes back more ears or throat or I'm not surprised he's grumpy!

dd was in pain for at least 10 days post-op, still had a slightly sore throat for a week after that, and was tired and convalescent for all that time at least...I would definitely cut him slack until at least 2 weeks post op. Not just based on my own observation, but on what other people here, and hospital advice, said.

Hopefully, this is the dark before the dawn and he'll be much more himself by next weekend smile

Chooster Mon 13-Jul-09 13:13:39

Thanks Elibean - he's defiantely having a low time at the moment and he says his ears are sore a lot of the time. Its only been 7 days so I'll just carry on being gentle with him. My main worry is that there is an infection there that I dont know about but he has no fever and can have moments of doing really well so I guess it is all down to the continuing pain.

Thanks again!

Elibean Mon 13-Jul-09 13:28:01

Poor him (and you wink) I know lots of people say the worst pain is actually around day 7-9, so that does make sense. Keep up the pain relief, and remind him often he'll feel better in a few days' time?

No fever is very good. Unlikely to be infection without it, and normal for there to be ear pain.

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