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pale poo

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lovelymama Sat 11-Jul-09 20:12:40

horrible subject I know and I apologise if this makes you feel a little queasy...
....DS 13 months has had very pale yellow poo for the last week. he's been off colour - very high temp last weekend and at times during the week, but happy so not strictly ill. whenever he poos, it's very soft (but not runny) and very, very pale. pretty much the colour it used to be when he was only BF and not on solids. he's been at nursery all week and they don't seem concerned, although they did say he's not eaten much. we took DS to the doctors on Wednesday as we thought he had chickenpox as he has large spots on his legs. The doctor said it's not chickenpox, but insect bites. My husband took him and didn't mention the pale poo as he'd only done it once by this point.

has anyone else's DC had this? i did google it and it said that pale poo is a result of food passing through the body too quickly, but i can't do much about that!

ipiratethief Sat 11-Jul-09 20:18:18

it is really just connected to being ill. my dd has had this a handful of times, after illness, or towards the end of an illness. I'd not worry too much, and see if it starts to return to normal soon.

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