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Ds was sick last night, one-off do you think or are we in for a horrid weekend?

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LucyMinter Sat 11-Jul-09 06:28:03

He said he felt a bit sick after wolfing down his tea, then was fine till about midnight when I heard him coughing and then he was sick on his bed. He hasn't got a cold etc so I don't think the coughing made him throw up (which it normally does if he has a cough)

Last time he had I think rotavirus and was sick repeatedly all night, then all day, so not that I suspect.

I'm very scared of sick so would be glad of any reassurance really. Maybe he ate something at school, though there was a boy off last week with a tummy bug, so maybe it's that. I'm trying to be prepared - have got hot water on, and covered the sofa in sheets and towels. Is there anything else I can do - afraid his little brother will get it, and not sure how to prevent this as he is much less reliable in terms of managing the, erm, output as it were.


LucyMinter Sat 11-Jul-09 07:25:28

Well he has woken up and seems Ok, can't even remember it!

Have now got to wash everything but fingers crossed it was a one off...obviously we won't go anywhere crowded today in case it was a germ, but what's the general consensus on taking him to a park or something, if he keeps away from other people? Like maybe a walk off the beaten track etc.

I do hate people who expose everyone to a sicky child but tis hard to turn it around and think about correct protocol when it's YOUR child smile so I would appreciate being told please.

Hassled Sat 11-Jul-09 07:30:40

I think a walk off the beaten track would be fine if he's up to it, but no exposure to other children (obviously can't avoid DS2) for 48 hours, in theory. I think a one-off vomiting episode is much more likely to be something he ate than a bug, so you should be fine.

LucyMinter Sat 11-Jul-09 07:36:18

Marvellous...thankyou smile

He has always thrown up at the drop of a hat so maybe it was just something he ate.

Timing though...even leaving it 48 hours he still won't miss any school!!! Typical!

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