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Very sore baby's chin

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berri Fri 10-Jul-09 17:28:49

Can anyone suggest the best cream for a very red chin?

My 7mo DS has been teething for weeks now and is constantly dribbling, and his chin is getting worse and worse.

At first Oilatum cream was working ok but I think we could do with something stronger as it's not really helping anymore.

Any recommendations?

MrsHappy Fri 10-Jul-09 17:29:53

I'd be inclined to put some sudacrem on it.

berri Fri 10-Jul-09 17:52:29

I thought you couldn't use Sudacrem on faces? Is that another myth?

LittleMissBliss Fri 10-Jul-09 18:02:26

Ds had awful dribble rash, the childrens nurse said no to sudacrem but more than one H/v said it was fine, just a thin layer. In the end nothing really worked that well and it cleared up on its own when he stopped dribbling and the sun came out.

Just keep his chin as dry as you can and vaseline works well to stop it getting worse, under chin and in rolls of skin.

cyanarasamba Fri 10-Jul-09 18:11:34

Eumocream is a very rich moisturiser suitable for sensitive skin - worth a try.

brimfull Fri 10-Jul-09 18:15:50


acts as a barrier

zinc and casteroil cream will be the same

lubblyjubblies Fri 10-Jul-09 18:31:10

Another vote for sudocreme. Worked wonders when my daughter went through a phase of licking above her top lip.

Frizbe Fri 10-Jul-09 18:32:01


berri Fri 10-Jul-09 19:17:19

Thanks, have put a thin layer of sudocrem on which he has promptly covered in dribble and wiped off with the sleeve of his sleepsuit! So annoying. Glad to hear it'll get better, it looks awful at the moment and must be painful for the poor little chap.

bruffin Fri 10-Jul-09 19:19:46

you can use sudocrem on the face just not on mucas membranes ie up nose because of the drying effect.

TheArmadillo Fri 10-Jul-09 19:19:53

we got a fantastic weleda cream - rose I think. It was the tube of cream not the moisturiser. You rubbed it in and so they couldn't rub it off. It cleared up ds's (which was so bad that it was beginning to bleed) in a day or 2.

berri Fri 10-Jul-09 19:34:14

That sounds good TA - did you get it from Boots or somewhere similar?

MadameDefarge Fri 10-Jul-09 19:40:23

elizabeth arden 8 hour cream! honest! Its a sort of miracle cream...good for loads of stuff, and while pricey.lasts for ever.

TheArmadillo Sat 11-Jul-09 17:16:48

we got it from a chemist that specialised in homoepathic stuff. I'm not a fan normally but it worked.

Also health food shops sometimes stock it.

DesperateHousewifeToo Sat 11-Jul-09 19:00:41

Vaseline as a barrier and when you wipe it, dab it rather than wipe.

Put lots of cream (which ever one you decide on) on when he is asleep.

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