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persistent cradle cap

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janx Fri 10-Jul-09 09:14:49

Is this the right section? anyway ds 19 months still has it and it seems to be irritating him. Anyone used something nice and non chemical to get rid of it...tried the olive oil route, but still seems to be there. thanks

oliverboliverbutt Fri 10-Jul-09 09:26:22

my son had a patch of it til he was three!

I found the thing to finally get rid of it all was to have a loooooong bath together and make sure you keep his head wet with conditioner on it (tea tree is good), then use a nit comb to loosen and comb it out of his head.

funnypeculiar Fri 10-Jul-09 09:33:11

Ds had it for years - as oliver says. at least three.

How long do you leave the olive oil on for? We found that giving it a really long soak (overnight, or put it on mid afternoon) made a big difference. Then, as oliver syays, finding something that allowed for a good long burush/comb.
But we would get rid of it for a while, then it would come back...

Am interested that it's irritating him, though - are you sure it's cradle cap - neither of mine ever noticed it (although they did get bored of me and my brush smile)

Surfermum Fri 10-Jul-09 09:35:33

I found olive oil and nit comb worked.

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