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Vomiting baby

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BarrelOfMonkeys Wed 08-Jul-09 18:03:46

6mo DD vomited a lot this morning around 11, preceded by a sort of coughing noise, and then we had a tiny bit more vomit around 12 (which I would ordinarily call posseting based on amount apart from it followed the coughing noise), and then we had more vomit at 2pm and again about 30 mins ago. In herself, she's happy and active, responding and eating normally and producing wet nappies, no temperature.

I've been on hold with NHS Direct for ages as their website says to call if baby is vomiting, but my baby book says not to worry unless it goes on for a long period or is accompanied by other symptoms. Anyone experienced this sort of thing before and has any tips/reassurances?

BarrelOfMonkeys Wed 08-Jul-09 18:50:10

Okay, finally got hold of NHS Direct and if she vomits twice more tonight we need to start worrying apparently, otherwise carry on as usual, just with smaller feeds more often.

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