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anyone have any experiences with low blood sugar in toddler?

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devonsmummy Wed 08-Jul-09 14:04:14

DS 2.8 has just spent 4 days in hospital with gastroeneritus and dehydration.

His blood sugar was VERY low when admitted, 1.8, and he's had to have bloods taken to be sent for testing at Gt Ormond St.

Initially the nurses said his blood sugar could be low due to the fact he couldn't keep solids or fluids down.
Then on his 3rd day in hospital we were told they were extraordinarily low and he'd have to be fasted for 12hrs and reassesses if he fell below 3.5.

He started the 12hrs at 3.9 and went to 3.4 by the end of the fast. The doctors were happy to discharge him later that day with prescribed emergency drinks should he feel unwell and an emergency plan faxed over from Gt Ormond St.

So now we are left with a 6-8 week wait for results from our local hospital and a further wait for an appointment from Grt Ormond St for their metabolic results.

Although DS seems to have bounced back well there is still a cloud hanging wondering what on earth could be the problem - if indeed there is one.

Has any one had any experiences in this area at all? any feedback would be most greatfully received.

tvaerialmagpiebin Wed 08-Jul-09 19:32:41

DS was in hospital earlier in the year with very low blood sugar due to vomiting bug, not being able to keep even water down. He was on a drip (2 different sorts of fluids) for 36 hours and allowed home when his blood sugar was about 4. But they never told me what it was, the usual "Probably a virus" trotted out.
So I don't know what to suggest. But bumping for you. Hope your ds is better now.

sunburntats Wed 08-Jul-09 19:37:00

This actually is a very normal and a very common problem in small children.
Where i work, we have to check half hourly blood sugars on small kids, as they are unable to maintain an adequate sugar when poorly, not eating and not drinking.

All returns back to complete normality when the child recovers.

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