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Swollen insect bite? Advice needed pls.

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parachutes Wed 08-Jul-09 09:22:16

Hi, my ds has, we think, an insect bite on his arm. It's ben there a day or two but this morning it's very swollen (he said it was sore yesterday and it's also very red and warm.)
I'm waiting to get an appt at GP but was wondering if anyone had seen anything similar?
TIA smile

MadameCastafiore Wed 08-Jul-09 09:25:10

Get some anthisan cream and slather it on - it will dull the redness and make it more comfortable if it is an insect bite.

happyflower Wed 08-Jul-09 09:29:23

My daughter first got this when she was 2.
Came back from nursery, didn't notice anything, got her home and by that time she had swellings all over her arms, by the morning her face looked like she'd been ten rounds with Tyson!
Took her to the doctor who said it was insect bites and prescribed antihistimine liquid. Works a treat, swellings went down in a day.
Now whenever I spot an insect bite on her I give her some and it works great. I have seen now you can get the same stuff off the shelf in Boots (Cetirizine hydrochloride 5mg/5ml) says suitable for 6yrs + (seems to be the same stuff doc prescribed for my dd a few years back). Don't know how old your sone is so best to check with pharmacist.

MadameCastafiore Wed 08-Jul-09 09:30:56

Or do you have any kids piriton in the cupboard - that is the same thing.

AMumInScotland Wed 08-Jul-09 09:40:12

I often have insect ites which swell up and look horrid, and are red and hot. I find antihistamine cream on the bite, and tablets work wonders - probably Piriton syrup better if your DS is quite small.

parachutes Wed 08-Jul-09 09:44:22

Thanks everyone, have appt with gp to just to be safe!

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