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Does anyone have a son or male relative with X Linked Icthyosis?

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WizzyWoo Tue 07-Jul-09 13:55:21

Am 22 weeks pregnant with my second child and after tests following low oestriol result detected in my 16 week bloods, have been told that unborn baby boy has X Linked Icthyosis. Have been advised that it may be as mild as dry skin or as severe as to cause "snake-like" scaling (such as a member of my family has just admitted to having). Photos on internet are pretty horrific and have been told that baby will be treated according to his needs when born/as he's growing up.

I'm looking for anyone who has a son or someone in their family with this condition who can tell me how it has affected them, what type of treatment has been used etc, be it a tale of reassurance or one of stress. I just need to know a bit more about this condition, as I'm not finding the internet very helpful. Many thanks.

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