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Child cancer, pls read ALL parents. KEEP CALM AND CARRY ON FOR LIAM.

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valhala Tue 07-Jul-09 13:26:03

Liam Fairhurst was 14 when he passed away owing to cancer last week. In the 4 years that he fought the disease, often attending school in a wheelchair despite extreme pain, he raised over £320,000 for the children's cancer suport charity, CLIC Sargent. He started fundraising after his best friend died of cancer at the age of 12 and won many awards, amongst them "Child of Courage", the Diana Award and "Britain's Kindest Kid".

Liam was a classmate of my elder daughter and is mourned by not just the whole school but throughout our community and beyond. Many will be at Liam's funeral this week not just to pay their respects to Liam but also to show their support and admiration for Liam's parents, who despite their own fears as their son's condition worsened, carried on assisting Liam in his fundraising.

CLIC Sargent's webpage demonstrates just how special Liam was. I have set up a page within it: which offers the chance for people to look out for the sponsored events we hope to take part in to continue Liam's great work and to donate to CLIC Sargent childrens' cancer charity directly.

For Liam's sake, for his parents and for his younger brother, please consider helping this leading child cancer support charity. Perhaps you might like to donate to CLIC Sargent through the webpage above, perhaps you might copy this out and put it on the office noticeboard or, if you're brave, the boss's desk!

I have suffered cancer myself and I know what fear really feels like when you stare death in the face. I also know what it's like to think "it won't happen to me". In Liam's case, there but for the grace of god go all our children.

I intend to do a sponsored walk for Liam's chosen charity... over hot coals of 1000 degrees! I reckon that he walked over hot coals to achieve what he did in his short life so it's only right that I do it literally in his name, so helping to KEEP CALM AND CARRY ON FOR LIAM.

Please cross-post this, pass it to your boss, put it on your office noticeboard.... anything which raises the profile of CLIC Sargent and hopefully a few pennies too, is surely a good thing.

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