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Temperature in 11 month old-need I worry?

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blondissimo Mon 06-Jul-09 07:39:17

Excuse me for being a bit naive and possibly worrying over nothing, but just wanted to ask you lovely mners if this is ok.
DS woke up sort of moaning (normal for him) about 4am and when I went in to settle him, I noticed that he felt quite warm - normally by this time in the morning he feels quite cool on the arms etc. Didn't think much of it and went back to bed, he woke up again at 6 - went in to get him and still felt very hot, took temp a few times and it ranged between 36.9 and 37.8 (tommee tippee forehead scanner one), then half an hour later it was 38. Is this anything to worry about? I cannot see anything wrong with him apart from this and he seems relatively happy, although maybe a bit tired looking (dark circles). He has been pulling at his ears for about a week now, so had him at the GP on Friday, but she said there was no sign of ear infection and he had no temp then.
Have stripped him off and given him fluids, and he is currently munching on a piece of toast.
Just wondering what you would do? He's only ever had a temp once before and it was when he had gastroenteritis and ended up in hospital, so you can understand why I'm a bit unsure!

Meglet Mon 06-Jul-09 07:55:42

Make sure he's getting plenty of fluids and keep an eye on his temp. If it was my dc and he was eating then I wouldn't be panicking just yet. But the forehead thermometers aren't that accurate, I splashed out on an eletronic ear thermometer and its brilliant. If you can get hold of one of them as soon as possible it will give you a better idea how he is.

TOK Mon 06-Jul-09 07:56:30

Hi, understand your concern- you can never be too careful! My ds had temp of 38 for about 2 days few weeks ago. I phoned NHS direct and because he had no other symptoms, was drinking fluids and had plenty of wet nappies, they said he was just fighting off an infection- maybe a cold/teething. They said i should monitor temp and if it stayed up in 38-39 range for more than 48 hrs, gets grouchy or develops a rash to contact gp. I had been giving him calpol. which was reducing his temp and they said to continue giving this. If calpol doesn't work then I would take him to gp. Hope this helps, sounds like you're doing all the right things with the fluids and stripping him down. If you go to nhs direct website there is a flowchart for temperatures in children which is quite helpful xxx

TOK Mon 06-Jul-09 07:57:31

Electronic thermometer is good idea,, second that xxx

blondissimo Mon 06-Jul-09 08:13:39

Thank you - I agree re the forehead thermometer - have just taken temp again and is reading 37! But I don't know if this is the thermometer or him as it seems so erratic. I will see if I can get hold of the ear thermometer today. Although when he has it taken that way at the GP, he always creates a massive fuss! Are the ear thermometers instant like the ones at the GP, or do you have to hold it there for a while?
Gave him Calpol about 6.30am so perhaps that is what has brought temp down. He is eating, drinking and playing (not all at oncegrin), so I am not toooo concerned, think I just am a bit confused with the erratic temp! More likely to be the thermometer than him though!

TOK Mon 06-Jul-09 08:16:00

My ds is the same with the ear thermom- he hates anything touching his ears! They are pretty instant though, so it's not too traumatic!

Meglet Mon 06-Jul-09 08:50:59

I have the Braun ear thermometer and it reads in about 5 seconds. I still need to hold dd tight, but its for such a short time I can deal with her wrigglin. I think they're about £40, but will last for ages and save a lot of worry.

blondissimo Tue 07-Jul-09 13:17:58

Just an update on this - took his temp about an hour ago and was 39. Is this high? I rang nhs direct yesterday and they said that I should wait for 3 full days with him having a temp of 38.8 or more before I take him to the doctors. I am just a bit concerned that it seems to be going up and not staying the same.
Haven't managed to get out and get the ear thermo, so using the tommee tippee, but I'm guessing it wouldn't give a falsely high reading, only a false lower one? IYSWIM.

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