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13month old with high temperature

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Haribosmummy Sat 04-Jul-09 01:44:35


My 13mo hasn't really wanted to et today but has drunk milk (formula) well.

Went to sleep as normal at around 7:45... woke up at 10pm and had another bottle (well, 100mls).

He's STILL awake (very hot, but tried to take his temp and it seems normal).

I've given him calpol, which doesn't seem to have done much for his temperature.

He's kicking his legs (they are out rigid) and also his hands / fingers are rigid too (he can bend them, just doesn't want to, IYSWIM)

Anyone got any clue? Just teething? Just having a bad night?

thanks, HM

Haribosmummy Sat 04-Jul-09 10:11:07

Well, he finally went to slepp at 2:30... woke up at 5am, drank another whole bottle and then went back to sleep from 6am til 8am.

He's pale and still running a temp...

Going to take him to the pharmacist.

Haribosmummy Mon 06-Jul-09 22:10:36

OK, really need some advice now.

DS is still running a temp.

I took him to the doctors this morning. Dr. unfazed and said 'give him calpol'. Checked is glands (no problems) ears (no probls) and chest (no problems). Didn't check his throat but said it was not likely to be that.

Anyway, DS has been same - hot at times, OK at other times. Went hot at around 6pm tonight, so I gave him a cool bath and he wnt really pale and started shaking. It only lasted around 15 seconds and then he went hot again.

After that, he had no energy and I put him to bed - but 20 minutes later, he was an OK temperature again and was obv. feeling fine - he had bags of energy again.

Really worried about him now.

The only outward symptom is that he has one back tooth just come through and 3 more just waiting to cut through.

Any advice would be gratefully receieved.


IwishIwasmoreorganised Mon 06-Jul-09 22:20:29

I'd give your OOH Drs a call r NHS direct but they're snowed under with Swine flu queries.

Keep up the Calpol and push fluids in the meantime.

Hope he's ok

Haribosmummy Mon 06-Jul-09 22:28:33

thanks, he's sleeping soundly now and is a perfect temperature.

I'm just not sure why his temperature would fluctuate so much.

Not sure the OOH doc would be too happy to hear from me, as DS is fine to all intents and purposes now.

He is taking loads of fluids - that's probably the one good thing.

nellie12 Mon 06-Jul-09 22:30:05

alternate calpol with nurofen. He's having rigors when he is pale cool and shaking which means he is spiking a temp. If he were mine and nurofen wasn't having effect I wouldn't hesitate to contact nhs swine flu or not.

monkeyfacegrace Mon 06-Jul-09 22:31:45

My daughter doesnt respond to calpol for a temperature, I have to give her infant ibuprofen to sort it. Dont give on an empty stomach, but I find she needs 2.5ml ibup and 5ml calpol. (and my daughter has been hospitalised with temps up to 41.5, suspected meningitis, ended up being back teeth)

Haribosmummy Mon 06-Jul-09 22:38:53


The nurofen / Calpol is working. It's when it wears off that his temperature goes up.

I'd just given him nurofen tonight (but it takes a while to kick in) when he was hot (which co-incided with his bath time anyway).

That is the first time he's been shaky.

Now that the nurofen has worked, he's fine again.

But, it will wear off during the night and he'll get hot again. sad

Ifhe's the same tomrrow, should I take him back to the GP (who I think has me down as a fussy mummy) or to A&E.

thanks again, HM

monkeyfacegrace Mon 06-Jul-09 22:48:59

Who cares if dr thinks you're fussy? He/she isn't there to be your friend/judge you. I live life by the motto 'regret what you did do, not what you didn't'. Imagine if anything did happen, you would never forgive yourself. And if he is fine and just has a virus, well great, you can go home a little reassured! Good luck, and update us tomorrow.

Haribosmummy Mon 06-Jul-09 22:51:12


But, I took him to the docs today and they said he was fine.

Think I'll take him to the paed if no better tomorrow.

monkeyfacegrace Mon 06-Jul-09 22:53:21

Ok, so they thought he was fine. But tomorrow, if he is still poorly, you go back again. (can you tell Im a pain in my doctors arse grin)
You are his mum, you know what is best, and dont let anyone tell you differently!
If he gets too hot in the night tonight just give him more nurofen and tepid-sponge him x

Haribosmummy Tue 07-Jul-09 07:58:11

Thanks Monkeyfacegrace.

He slept really well. From 9:15 until 7am! grin

I checked him every hour or so (PFB??? me???? blush) and he wasn't hot at all in the night, seemed to have a good night sleep.

He's still a bit cranky this morning, but going to give him a little while and see how he eats his brekkie.

thankyou so much...

monkeyfacegrace Tue 07-Jul-09 08:35:34

Thats great news, sounds like a virus to me. Now, as long as that temp stays down, enjoy today, as I suspect that he will want to sleep curled up on the sofa with a dvd all day! (we use jungle book as a 'poorly film', nothing to do with it being my favourite grin)
And if you started dosing with calpol on Saturday, today is day 4, so dont hesitate to give him small amounts to ward off any last aches/pains. But I think they say 4 days is the max you should give it for?

thefortbuilder Tue 07-Jul-09 08:49:11

HM glad to hear he is a bit better. there are so many colds and viruses going around at the moment apart from swine flu but it is completely scary when temps spike!

you mustn't hesitate to be a pita at the docs at all - as someone else said -you know best

Haribosmummy Tue 07-Jul-09 12:49:50

Thanks Guys!

Well, he ate well this morning (first day since Friday) and he does seem to have turned a corner, thank goodness.

He's fast asleep and I think I'm going to join him!!! smile

Thanks again.


monkeyfacegrace Tue 07-Jul-09 19:35:10

Hi Haribo,
Hows your little pickle been today?

Haribosmummy Tue 07-Jul-09 20:48:53


Thanks for asking!!!

He's been fine. Really back to being himself.

I took him out this afternoon and he was SOOO happy grin

He's eaten well and been so much.

Thanks again. He's never really been ill before, he did have me worried.


monkeyfacegrace Wed 08-Jul-09 07:32:47

Aww thats great, they have a way of making you panic dont they!
Well glad its all over, enjoy the rest of the week x

Haribosmummy Wed 08-Jul-09 12:39:37

Thanks, and you! grin

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