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14 month old dd still has "swollen" breasts - anyone else had/seen this?

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pispirispis Sat 04-Jul-09 00:16:41

When my dd was born I noticed her breasts were slightly swollen, but because I'd read that this was normal because of the hormones passed from the baby's mother, I wasn't concerned.

Well now she's 14mo they're still the same, slightly swollen, but I hadn't really thought anything of it until we went for a routine check-up with the pediatrician (we live in Spain) and she said that although it probably was nothing to worry about, she was going to refer her to an endocrinologist.

I'm glad they're being really vigilant and everything, but I'm a bit concerned now. I just thought it was normal, especially since she's such a healthy baby, her little breasts are both the same size and have no lumps or anything.

Have any of you had this with your dds or have you known any baby girls or toddlers who still have swollen breasts? My dp just jokes she's going to be like her well-endowed granny, so I hope he's right! grin

Littlefish Sat 04-Jul-09 21:17:59

My dd had this. It felt like two little lumps behind the nipple. I took her to the gp when she was about 1. We were referred to a paediatrician who checked her over, x-rayed her hands (to check bone growth), and concluded that it was all normal. Apparently it can take up to 2 years for maternal hormones to leave a child's body. Dd's disappeared by the time she was about 18 months old.

pispirispis Sun 05-Jul-09 10:23:38

Hi Littlefish, that's comforting to know, thanks for replying. I have read in so many places about this in newborns but nothing about older babies. DD's are soft, like tiny little adult breasts. I wasn't concerned at all and thought it was normal, but now I'm waiting to see the endocrinologist and they haven't even rung me with an appointment yet, so it's kind of "hanging over me" now...

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