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DD banged her head badly this morning. 7 hours later, her nose is bleeding a bit. Please come and stem the panic

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ShowOfHands Fri 03-Jul-09 17:08:35

Title says it all really. DD (aged 2) fell while running and hit her head on the door frame. Massive egg shaped bruise straight away and slight bloody nose. Took her straight to the local surgery and a duty nurse checked her over. Said all fine, watch out for normal signs etc.

Been alright today. Eating, playing, running around. Nothing untoward apart from the big bump on her head.

Just blown her nose (has a cold) and it's bleeding. It's not from earlier as she has a cold and therefore a runny nose and it hasn't been bloody all day.

Phoned NHS Direct and blokie said not to worry as it's a small amount of blood (only when wiping) and she's fine in herself.

But, she's my PFB and I am worrying. Staying with my parents too which is making it worse as they're pulling their 'when you were a baby we let you play with knives and the number of times you severed a limb, no NHS Direct then' lines out of the bag.

Please scrape me off the ceiling.

ShowOfHands Fri 03-Jul-09 17:19:28

<<hangs from light fitting>>


ShowOfHands Fri 03-Jul-09 17:21:10

Okay that sounded in poor taste which was not my intention. I'm more swinging, you know, waiting for rescue, not hanging as in gallows...

dizzymare Fri 03-Jul-09 17:22:39

Calm down, easier said than done I know. If you are worried, which you obviously are otherwise you wouldn't be hanging, can you take her to A&E, explain and ask if they can xray her? I'm sure she will be fine, but I think it would help your anxiety.

DidEinsteinsMum Fri 03-Jul-09 17:25:48

Sorry can't do that. I would personally take her down to a&e to get checked out. Ds had stone thrown into his head a month ago - he went from ok and driving me mad in the waiting room to also unconcious in 5 mins during our 2hr hospital wait. he has still has damage to his memory and we are waiting for an appointment to tell us if it is permenant. You are probably going to be told she is ok but i wouldn't take the risk - especially after ds' last bumped head.

My exPIL were exactly the same ignore them go with gut. If you are worried go get her checked (just remember if she is a nose picker they can pick til it bleeds)

ShowOfHands Fri 03-Jul-09 17:29:06

I'm trying to fight against the rushing to hospital urge as everybody in rl thinks I'm mad. It's just the bleeding nose. I can't see blood and shrug it off. Is it normal for a nose to bleed a bit after a bump on the head?

A&E is 30 miles away and dd's eating dinner before getting ready for bed. Not that it matters at all.

I don't know what to do.

I don't drive either so it's a bus ride away. I'll go in a heartbeat if the general consensus is that it's necessary.

ShowOfHands Fri 03-Jul-09 17:30:36

She's not a nose picker.

I'll get her sorted and catch the bus.

I'm sorry DidEinsteinsMum. That sounds terrible for you.

PrincessToadstool Fri 03-Jul-09 17:33:53

Have you phoned NHS Direct? Can a GP visit? I would have said A&E but admittedly a 60 mile round trip is a long way if they are dismissive.

dizzymare Fri 03-Jul-09 17:36:34

Is there anyone close who can take you? A bus ride in this heat sounds like a nightmare!

ShowOfHands Fri 03-Jul-09 17:36:48

She saw a nurse at the doctor's as soon as she hit her head. She said all fine, just watch for signs.

Phoned NHS Direct when she had slight bloody nose and they said not to worry unless it bled a lot (it didn't) or it was straw coloured (it wasn't).

It was 7 hours ago. She's running round singing the hokey cokey and laughing.

DidEinsteinsMum Fri 03-Jul-09 17:37:58

The gp is a good suggestion as for ds he is a boy it happens thatfully no real major damage but he has issues and we need to seperate reasons for issues (eg cause 1, choice, bang on head) then we can move forward. He is running around like a mad thing he just has not memory of yesterday or what you have said to him 5 mins ago. Could be a normal stage thing but unusual for him.
Good luck and let us know how she is. I am a worrier and will worry about anything and everything blush

morningsun Fri 03-Jul-09 23:43:17

DEM how old is your ds?

DidEinsteinsMum Sat 04-Jul-09 00:49:53

4 yo. going on 30 wink

thumbwitch Sat 04-Jul-09 00:56:47

phone NHS Direct again if you are still worried - badger them. If they think it's appropriate, they will get a doctor to call you back. If he/she thinks it's appropriate, they will get a doctor to visit you.

Hope she is ok!

ShowOfHands Sat 04-Jul-09 08:43:15

Thank you.

Rang NHS Direct again who said they honestly didn't think it warranted any concern which did put my mind at rest as they're usually the Send An Ambulance brigade.

My parents are actually an ex-paramedic and an ex-nurse and gave me a rather firm but sympathetic 'she is our granchild, if we thought there was anything wrong we'd pay for a taxi to A&E' talk after they caught me panicking on here.

She slept well, has had a huge amount of breakfast, is singing at the top of her lungs and has a corker of a bruise. I asked her if it hurts she said 'no is all better now but my head might like a small present'. 2yrs old. 2 flipping years old. So the demands begin.

Just thought I'd update. Still keeping a watchful eye on her (guess who didn't sleep?) but I think she's find and my spidey senses aren't tingling.

thumbwitch Sat 04-Jul-09 09:07:44

love that "my head might like a small present"! grin

so glad she is all right, SOH.

DidEinsteinsMum Sat 04-Jul-09 09:29:05

Now if you had said about your parents before their lack of concern would have made far more sense [doh emoticon] Glad she is ok, hope you get a good night's sleep tonight.

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