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baby on anti-biotics...can you use gripe water or infacol as well?...

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helpivegottogivebirth Fri 03-Jul-09 17:07:32

3.5 week baby on trimethoprim for a urine infection - could i use the above things to help her wind?

New tactic today of abandoning all pretence of trying for a routine or spreading out her feeds and i've let her eat as much as she wants today - this has meant feeding about ever 1.5 hrs so i know she is stuffed full of wind (in fact i can hear her grizzling about it now...)

i don't want to overload her with drugs at this stage but i don't want her to suffer with wind.

Secondly, if she is on anti-b's, then can i have the odd glass of wine or is it a strict no-no?

difficultdecision Fri 03-Jul-09 17:29:33

yes to both

Infacol +/- gripe water are fine with trimethoprim and if you would normally breastfeed after a glass of wine then trimethroprim wouldn't make it any different as it isn't one of the antibiotics that would react badly with alcohol.

Remember to watch your alcohol intake while you are feeding

(I'm sure you are already and am not trying to patronising but just providing the information on the off-chance that you hadn't seen it).

Hope she feels better soon. DS had terrible wind when he was little and I used to find that while the infacol and gripe water wasn't very helpful, it made me feel better to be doing something and rubbing his tummy in a circular motion (clockwise starting at his belly button and moving outwards) did seem to help.

helpivegottogivebirth Fri 03-Jul-09 17:48:39

thnx Difficultdecision - music to my ears on all counts. and thanks for the link. only want a glass this weekend as celebrating wedding annversary, but was feeling guilty...

and good news about the gripe water - i think that works so will stick with it.

difficultdecision Fri 03-Jul-09 17:51:17

Glad to help Enjoy your wedding anniversary!

Trimethoprim should kick in after 48 hours so hopefully she will be in a better mood over the weekend (though I'm sure the heat and the wind don't help!)

take care

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