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DD 22 months has red spots but fine otherwise - is it chickenpox?

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extremelychocolateymilkroll Fri 03-Jul-09 09:38:57

DD had one spot on her neck which developed a head of clear pus which burst the day before yesterday. She now has about 10 red spots - not itchy - over her body. Does this sound like chickenpox? She is perfectly fine otherwise. I am 7 weeks pregnant but had chickenpox as an adult. Have also had rubella injection.

Pinkjenny Fri 03-Jul-09 09:45:35

When dd had chickenpox, she was absolutely fine for the first three days, despite being covered in spots. Unfortunately, she was then quite unwell for a week. I was also 7 weeks pg but immune as I have also had cp.

bodiddly Fri 03-Jul-09 09:49:37

Sounds like it to me .. ds is now 7 days in and still spots are appearing. He was ok to begin with but is now totally miserable. Not surprising when he has spots in his ears, his hair, up his nose, on his lips, all around his groin etc etc. It started off really slowly but has really taken hold. I hope your dd is ok - perhaps she is having a mild case!

extremelychocolateymilkroll Fri 03-Jul-09 11:02:14

Thanks for your responses.

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