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Diprobase v Zerobase

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wheresclaire Thu 02-Jul-09 22:25:13

DD was prescribed Diprobase, which worked a treat. Just went to get repeat prescription, and found that it is for "Zerobase". I have searched online but I cant find a difference so I'm assuming its just different brand names? Anybody know for sure? Wouldn't want to cover her in it in morning if its wrong cream!

difficultdecision Fri 03-Jul-09 09:35:34

Slightly different cream but similar and still used for eczema.

Was it zerobase written on the prescription or did it say diprobase and the chemist give you zerobase?

As far as I can find out

Diprobase cream contains
cetomacrogol 2.25%, cetostearyl alcohol 7.2%, liquid paraffin 6%, white soft paraffin 15%

Diprobase ointment contains liquid paraffin 5%, white soft paraffin 95%

Zerobase cream contains liquid paraffin 11%

For eczema greasy is best and looking at the ingredients the most greasy is probably diprobase ointment and the least is diprobase cream. Zerobase probably in the middle although I don't know it myself.

If the pharamcist swopped it from what your dr wrote I would go back to them and complain becasue they are not allowed to.

If the dr prescribed zerobase I'd give it a try and if you don't find it as helpful ask if you could either go back to diprobase or try something else.

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