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advice for preparing/coping with MMR booster for 3yr old pls

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plusonemore Thu 02-Jul-09 22:23:02

I'm pretty sure he's gonna hate it, shall I talk to him first? Just take him? Any good books? Bugger

AnnieLobeseder Thu 02-Jul-09 22:45:12

I talked to my DD about it, explained that it was going to hurt a little bit. If she fell over and bumped herself or sustained any other injury as 3yos are so prone to do, but she stopped crying quickly, I pointed out that the injection would be like that; a quick pain that went away. I also took her to the supermarket and let her choose a special treat to take with her. It was close to easter and she chose a Lindt mini egg, and was so excited about eating it! We talked a lot about how brave she would be and how yummy her egg would be afterwards.

On the day, she was very brave, went in clutching her little chocolate egg. What I didn't know is that they give 2 injections - wish I could have prepared her for that! She did try not to cry, but did after each one. She bled a little and was very impressed with the little round plasters the nurse gave her. Then she stopped crying and had her egg.

Phew, that all got quite long... but in short:
1) prepare your DS. Explain what will happen.
2) tell him it will hurt, but only a little bit and it will stop quickly.
3) talk about how brave he's going to be.
3) have a special treat ready.

It worked for me! Hope he's OK....

plusonemore Fri 03-Jul-09 07:42:55

thank you thank you, some brilliant advice, will do all!

WoTmania Fri 03-Jul-09 07:45:47

I did the same with DS1

Tiny scratch and maybe a little sting. Cuddles and definitely a treat for after.

Hope it goes okay.

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