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has DS's eyesight got worse?

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soopermum1 Thu 02-Jul-09 20:13:07

DS is 5.5 and has worn glasses since he was 3, he used to have a prescription of about +2.5 in one eye and something else, different, in another.

His new prescription is +3.5 in both eyes. Has his eyesight got worse? Is it a good thing that his eyes are now the same? How long sighted is he in the whole scale of things? He also used to have a squint and the optician reckoned he still had a small squint though she wasn't sure. Does having 'matching' prescriptions in both eyes now prove he doesn't have a squint/lazy eye? am being a bit crap on all this and can't really find anything in plain english in the net that explains all of this! Also, DH took him to his latest appointment so didn't ask any of these questions.

childrensservant Fri 03-Jul-09 14:57:07

DS is 7, and also had glasses since 3. Also squint/lazy eye, plus astigmatisms(?). His prescription have varied between +5.00 and +6.50
The thing is, as they grow, the eye sockets change shape and the focal point changes slightly. That is how I understand it anyway. And up to age 6/7 the eyes can change shape too. Hope that helps. Did he do patching for squint?

mum2RandR Fri 03-Jul-09 15:28:15

My DS is shortsighted so we work in - rather then + but think it means his eyesight has got slightly worse. Try not to worry though he is still very young and his eyesight will change as he gets older as far as I know. With my DS his eyesight got a bit better, then slightly worse and then improved again.
Sometimes it can be due to the glasses being bent or scratched, or even due to the prescription being wrong.

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