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4 yr old suddenly affraid to show her legs/wear a skirt or shorts

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Eviesmummy1 Thu 02-Jul-09 10:34:41

My daughter recently started having screaming fits about not having anything to cover her legs, in this heat she wants to wear tights!, I managed to get out of her that shw thinks the other children will say her legs are yukky, she does have skinny legs with bruises, so could well imagine that other children could be mean, but said no one had actually said anything. I have managed to get her to wear a skirt with leggins, but once she gets it in her head about wearing them she will go mad if I dont let her, screaming crying pleading with me, if the weather was crap wouldn't mind so much, but is so hot, and she is running about in nursery dont want her to get too hot. Am also concerned as to why she is so body concious at 4 years old! have tried treats/shouting/ignoring am at a loss, any ideas or suggestions greatly received!

paranoidmother Thu 02-Jul-09 10:56:33

If I were you i'd have a chat with her nursery carer and see if they can shed any light on it. Perhaps they can ask her half way through nursery whether she'd like to take the tights/leggings off and just play in her skirt.
Perhaps take a look at what the other kids are dressed in when you take her and whether they have bruises to!

My DD and DS are both at Nursery and have lots of Bruises on their legs from bashing into things, falling over and goodness knows what.

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